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The Girl Who Had no Treasure

She came to hunt for broken glass turned blue and purple by the sun, wash away the rusty red dirt and look at the nearest star through indigo glasses but glass was hard to find in a desert where no … Continue reading

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I went to Lady Jane Craft Center in Ozone Park the other day, just because it wasn’t Michael’s, JoAnn’s, or A. C. Moore’s, and I’m tired of chain stores.  They had a lot of very outdated craft supplies, and I … Continue reading

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The diamond studded frocking Silvers the aspen branches. A million bells, organic, Shatter ……………. underfoot. Nature, she thinks she’s funny Covering up hard work.  Only Proof left is a stuffed scarecrow ……………. on a creaking balcony. What I wouldn’t give … Continue reading

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