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When God created the world, he did it in six days and rested on the seventh. I always wished there was just one more day in the week, an eighth day just for me to pursue the thoughts in my head and translate them to the physical world. There are only seven days, however, so I steal my creative moments in between being a mom and my work binding books and making boxes for clients all over New York City. I love working with my hands, learning new things, and I'm here to share those lessons with you. There are only seven days in a week. Why not eight? Guess I'll ask when I get there.

Pricing Your Handbound Books

Or any handmade item for that matter. Time and again, I’ve gotten on Etsy and seen people selling handbound books for what seems to me to be barely more than their materials cost. STOP IT! PAY YOURSELF A DECENT WAGE! … Continue reading

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Crochet Kraft Paper Bag Basket

I have a lot of shipping materials floating around my house because I do a lot of shipping, and I try to reuse whatever I can, whenever I can.  As a bookbinder, I’m very conscious of my carbon footprint–I use linen, … Continue reading

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Plaid Shirt Pocket Notebooks

I first started stealing plaid shirts from my father way back in the 90’s. You remember when girls wore high-waisted Levis and oversized plaid shirts tied in a knot at their waists? Yeah, I rocked that. I didn’t so much … Continue reading

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Magnetic Picture Hanger Tutorial

I love the look of old educational wall hangings with the wooden dowels across the top and bottom, and I’ve been trying to find a cheap way to display my work around the house.  Here’s my tutorial on how I … Continue reading

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Paint Board with Chalk Lettering

Ever since I saw this paint storage board on Pinterest, I knew that I would one day make my own.  I’ve been wanting to get my paints out off the shelf above my desk to free up some space, but … Continue reading

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Arabic-Inspired Lettering

Or Farsi, really, since the Arabs got their alphabet from the Persians, but whatever. I’m working on a leather photo album as a gift for a Persian family and I wanted something that would hark back to their origins.  I … Continue reading

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State of the Eight

There has been a serious dearth of posts going on around here, but lest you think I’ve given up on creativity, I’m going to give you a status update.  About 2.5 months ago, I gave birth to child number three … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak

I’ve hinted previously at a most wondrous project I’m working on, and I thought I’d treat ya’ll to a sneak peak. I’ve got a couple hundred tiny little paper circles floating around my desk right now–I can tell you I … Continue reading

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Lunaria Annua or Happy Birthday to Me!

A few months ago I saw a dried silver dollar plant arrangement at our local grocery store.  I hadn’t seen them since I worked as a gardener in high school, and I’d forgotten all about them and how fascinating and … Continue reading

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