Spice Drawer Spice Jar Labels

If you ever dig through a cupboard wondering where on earth that spice is, this might be for you.  If you ever curse as spice jars topple out of the cupboard in your search, this might be for you.  If you’re super anal about organization, this might be for you.

Peace of mind in a chaotic kitchen.

Peace of mind in a chaotic kitchen.

I hated doing this, and I like super cute labels that make things easy to find, so I made super cute labels, cut them out with my 1.5″ circle pouch, ModPodged them to half-pint mason jar lids, hot glued the lids and rings together, filled the jars with spices, and put them in a drawer the exact height to fit said jars right next to my stove, and gazed in adoration at the spices clearly visible in neat rows.  And then I thought, “It was a lot of work making those labels, and they are super cute.  It would be a shame to keep them to myself.”  So here is a PDF of the spice jar labels.  If you’re savvy, you could easily change the color in Photoshop.  Or you could just take the idea and make your own.  Have fun NOT yelling at your spices.

About sappling

When God created the world, he did it in six days and rested on the seventh. I always wished there was just one more day in the week, an eighth day just for me to pursue the thoughts in my head and translate them to the physical world. There are only seven days, however, so I steal my creative moments in between being a mom and my work binding books and making boxes for clients all over New York City. I love working with my hands, learning new things, and I'm here to share those lessons with you. There are only seven days in a week. Why not eight? Guess I'll ask when I get there.
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2 Responses to Spice Drawer Spice Jar Labels

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for the labels 🙂

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