Sneak Peak

Paper cut Blackberries by Sarah (

Cut paper blackberries

I’ve hinted previously at a most wondrous project I’m working on, and I thought I’d treat ya’ll to a sneak peak. I’ve got a couple hundred tiny little paper circles floating around my desk right now–I can tell you I drove my husband crazy with hammering to punch all of them out–but they do look nice put together, don’t they?  And how about that paper leaf?  Does it look leaf-like?  I’m debating about whether to keep the twisted paper for the stems or do flat paper strips.


About sappling

When God created the world, he did it in six days and rested on the seventh. I always wished there was just one more day in the week, an eighth day just for me to pursue the thoughts in my head and translate them to the physical world. There are only seven days, however, so I steal my creative moments in between being a mom and my work binding books and making boxes for clients all over New York City. I love working with my hands, learning new things, and I'm here to share those lessons with you. There are only seven days in a week. Why not eight? Guess I'll ask when I get there.
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4 Responses to Sneak Peak

  1. That turned out really nice. I like the twist in it

    • sappling says:

      I think the twisted paper looks cool, and it will make the project easier in the long run, but I couldn’t figure out how to do thorns on twisted paper.

  2. you could use the twisted and make the end of the twist straight to make the thorns

  3. John Ruel Loyola Locaba says:

    that’s something lovely. if it were me, i’d stick with the twisted stems 🙂 as for the thorns, i’d make it with the same twisted paper but that would be too tiresome and requires a lot of patience because of the size. but it’s all worth it right? to do something beautiful out of anything. i particularly love the leaf in there.

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